Meet Rene'

Meet Rene´ - your smart data assistant! Just talk to Rene´ to enter your meeting updates in seconds!

Or ask for powerful AI driven insights. Rene´s here to make your life simple!

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Why Rene´?

Free up your people from the tyranny of complex enterprise data tools!

Let your sales speak to or type-in natural language, on their mobile phones or laptops!

Rene' converts these conversations into your structured CRM format and updates it in real time.

Rene' also allows you to get answers from your company data in seconds, with the same ease.

A ‘friendly personal data wingman’ that your business users can use on-the-go the delight.

Rene' is a Brezee to Implement

Implemented in a very short time with no changes required to your enterprise database systems.

Rene' is You-Friendly

Incorporate your own niche-specific terms and industry jargon, colloquialisms and acronyms on-the-fly.

Rene' is Self-Learning

Powered by an AI Engine, Rene´ learns and gets smarter the more you use it.


Industry Use Cases

Rene' is on misson to make your work-life simpler and more joyful!

Banking & Wealth

Sales team saves 5 to 7% of productive time and gets access to powerful AI driven sales insights

Senior management gets reliable on-ground sales intelligence and pipeline visibility through 80% to 100% higher adoption of CRM tools by sales teams


Sales team can get relevant information as and when required, without waiting for cumbersome and inflexible MIS reports from IT / analytics team

IT Teams do not have to waste time in generating scores of MIS reports every day/every month, with no visibility of which parts of those reports are actually relevant for the end-users and how widely they may be getting shared on the ground.


With Rene’, Medical Reps save time on documenting their interactions with Physicians and Healthcare providers. While the firm gets vital, searchable intelligence on how healthcare providers are reacting to their pitch, what questions they are asking and how happy their stakeholders are.