Talk to Rene´ with R-Dictate

Everyone loves a good CRM but everyone hates populating them

Traditional CRM systems are too complex for regular business users. Even after exhaustive training, most business users avoid filling information into CRM systems due to the cumbersome nature of using these menu driven tools. You have to navigate through a plethora of hierarchy based menus to get to the right forms and text boxes.

Rene´ gives you freedom from all that drudgery. You just tell Rene´ what you want updated into the system and Rene´ figures out exactly what information needs to be populated in which database field.

Rene´ significantly increases sales rep productivity by eliminating administrative work related to reporting, and significantly enhances the quality of data flowing into CRM databases.

Rene´ is Simple to Use!
Using Rene’ requires zero training. Just pick up your smartphone and share your meeting update like you would communicate with another human being. It’s that simple!

Rene´ is Personalized for You!
Rene´ is like your very own smart data assistant. Rene´ knows your client names, the products that you deal with, the quirks of vocabulary that you use.

As a result when you use acronyms for your regular products or short forms for your frequent client names, Rene’ understands what you mean and matches those to the corrects database fields.

Rene´ does More!
Traditional CRM systems can not store free text context around structured information.

Open dictation means the sales reps capture and report customer information without limitation, both structured (numerical) and unstructured (perceptions).

Rene’ easily handles explanatory nature of longer, more complex messages.

Ask Rene´ with R-SmartSearch

What if searching your business data were as simple as asking a question on Google?

Business data can be hard to find.
With Rene´ there is no longer the need to rely on a data analyst to interpret your query and wait while they access complex IT systems to get your results.

Rene´ enables your business managers to access enterprise data using regular conversational English over simple chat interfaces.

Rene´ is Platform Agnostic
Organisational data is spread across multiple platforms, while Rene´ integrates with any data source. With Rene there is no need to replace the traditional databases or MIS tools; Rene´ aims to be compatible with all of them.

Rene´ is Smart!
Rene´ sports AI based smart search features like Query Prompts (queries are suggested based on inputs from the user profiles and crowd sourced inputs), and Smart Alerts (proactive alerts based on data pattern recognition e.g., sales of an associate or product falling below average for a period compared to peer performance or previous period).

Rene´ is contextual!
Rene´ has domain specific expertise to power contextually relevant natural language search and bot conversations.

Rene´ is also learns from continually evolving databanks of industry specific semantics, queries and business logic. Domain and Client level semantics easily integrate into Rene´ on top of any available datasets.

Rene´ gives Intelligence Feedback
Natural language querying will enable data feedback to senior management on the nature of questions being asked, and questions that are not being answered. This will provide insight into what the organization is really querying and whether this is tied in to stated goals or not - this is not possible with traditional menu-driven MIS tools.

Rene´ is You-Friendly
Rene´ has been built around the needs of business managers - making it as simple as picking up the smart phone, asking a question and getting an answer, or sharing it with your team on the go.